Our Digital Marketing Expertise

Boosting leads for quick wins and long-term growth.

120/80 specializes in a broad range of digital marketing solutions that help B2B and professional services companies reach their full potential. We harness the power of marketing data to deliver crucial insights and get the qualified leads you need.

Marketing Automation

Maximize efficiency and speed up lead conversions.

Automation makes digital marketing campaigns more efficient and more profitable. Once we set up your automation on one of our four platforms and integrate it with your CRM, you can boost your marketing activity using fewer in-house resources.

Paid Media Management

Grow both revenue and brand awareness.

Paid media includes display ads, pay-per-click advertising, and branded content. We go beyond the obvious by looking at atypical ad placements. The results? You expand your brand reach, get more clicks, and generate more traffic.

Earned Media Management

Ensure people find you and your content.

Your company “earns” media when third parties talk about you online. We increase your earned media by optimizing your website and content to garner better rankings on Google and Bing. Our tool kit contains more than run-of-the-mill SEO techniques.

Data + Analytics

Connect all the dots of your web traffic.

Data and analytics are used to uncover, over time, a user’s online journey that leads to conversion. Are you converting qualified leads? If yes, we find out why and leverage what’s already working. If not, we help you pivot in an informed direction.


We hear the story data tells and make sure you like the ending.

Software Company Boosts Connections and Visitors

Amply’s new director of development strategy needed to hit the ground running with an efficient, yet personalized, way to make new contacts with targeted fundraising professionals. Not only was he interested in connecting with potential customers, he also wanted to meet subject matter experts that could help him on his learning curve. He looked to 120/80 to make it happen.


Agency President Makes 1,300+ Targeted Contacts

SONNY+ASH wanted to launch a lead generation and brand awareness campaign. While the agency had done Google Ads and some LinkedIn ads in the past, the president wanted the opportunity to interact directly with new contacts. He called on 120/80’s digital marketing expertise.


SaaS Company Reaps 50% Growth in Trial Sign-ups

SellerChamp needed a solution that would build, optimize, and scale their pay-per-click (PPC) ads so it could increase its spend by 10x over the following six to eight months. They turned to 120/80 to get the job done.