What We Do

Harnessing data to help you reach your potential.

We believe data is more than just numbers.
To us, it’s a story that points the way.

Digital marketing solutions that grow your business

120/80 is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in a broad range of solutions that drive leads and conversions for B2B, professional services, in-home services, and SaaS clients.

Other agencies look at data as numbers on a page. We look at data as poetry—a voice that tells a story. We boost your digital marketing ROI by listening to that story and leveraging our wealth of experience. We look deeper into data to deliver real insights that help your business flourish.

What’s in a name?

In medicine, 120/80 represents the ideal blood pressure for humans. That measurement is a strong indicator of a person’s overall health, and it takes discipline and multiple efforts over time to maintain.

At our agency, 120/80 represents the goal for your marketing activity. It’s a key indicator of the overall health your company, and it requires a targeted plan and constant fine-tuning to generate meaningful results.

Our Values

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    We find joy when our clients succeed.
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    We own the results of every campaign.
  • 120/80 Curiosity Icon
    We love to learn and ask smart questions.