Client’s Keyword Rankings Get 344% Boost

The Opportunity

Our client is a leading fashion supply chain software provider serving the apparel and soft goods industry. This SaaS company’s next-generation, cloud-based enterprise technology seamlessly helps its customers accelerate and improve performance across the entire global supply chain.

The company had put a concerted effort into search engine optimization (SEO), but its rankings plateaued beneath expectations. The marketing team hired 120/80 to give its SEO strategy a boost.

Read our SEO case study below.

Our SEO Approach

While the client had a healthy number of ranked keywords, the vast majority of them were branded, which meant only people who already knew the company existed could easily find it via online searches. Our goal was to get high rankings for relevant keywords—the words prospects were actually using in searches.

To determine the optimum list of keywords, we conducted extensive research into our client’s industry keywords, competitors’ practices, and customers’ “pain points.”

The Outcome

120/80 took this client to the next level in terms of SEO results to increase both the quantity and quality of its website traffic. In an 11-month period, we delivered:

  • 31 keywords ranked in the top three positions (up from nine words)—a 344% increase in Google rankings
  • 56 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions (first page)
  • 144 keywords ranked in the top 50 positions (first five pages)

In total, we moved up all keywords for the client by 6,600 places on Google and 3,457 places on Bing.

SaaS Company Reaps 50% Growth in Trial Sign-ups

The Opportunity

SellerChamp is a multi-channel listing and inventory management SaaS platform. Industry outsiders had trouble grasping the subtleties of the company’s key differentiators, and five different ad agencies had failed to fully understand the product and resolve the problem. Read our SaaS case study below to find out more.

SellerChamp needed a solution that would build, optimize, and scale their pay-per-click (PPC) ads so it could increase its spend by 10x over the following six to eight months. They turned to 120/80 to get the job done.

Our Approach

A complicated product like SellerChamp requires a certain amount of insight and industry knowledge to produce tangible results. Understanding the small things that make a big difference (e.g., the call-to-action, keywords) would make or break the response to this challenge.

Our founder consulted with SellerChamp’s CEO and followed up with a detailed action plan. 120/80 then:

  • Conducted a basic audit and immediately saw that the company’s analytics were set up in a way that led to inaccurate data—something all the previous agencies missed. We corrected the problem so the client got real, actionable data.
  • Cleaned out the existing campaign and created new ads, ad groups, and campaigns.
  • Segmented their Google ads by service group to give them more control over bidding.

The Outcome

In just a few weeks, SellerChamp saw unprecedented results, lowering their cost per click (CPC) and customer acquisition cost (CAC). 120/80’s industry knowledge and deep understanding of PPC ads contributed to the remarkable success of this campaign.

Six months later, the numbers spoke for themselves: the client reaped a 50.53% increase in trial sign-ups, with a cost decrease of 17.67% over the previous year. 120/80 continues to host bi-weekly videoconferences with SellerChamp and responds promptly to any emerging issues.

We understand that each business operates within its own unique parameters for success. We succeed whether other agencies fail companies like SellerChamp because we ask the right questions and get the full scope of the client’s needs.

SellerChamp has since expanded its scope of work with 120/80 to include earned media management and customer success interviews, where we call customers that drop out of trials without subscribing to the software to learn about their experiences and try to win them over.

“I believe [Sonny’s] deep understanding and specialization in PPC ads enabled him to ask the right questions and do this for us. His help goes beyond PPC. He has provided really helpful advice—tips on what we should be doing to grow our customer base. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

— Noorani, Founder & CEO, SellerChamp

PPC Management – B2B Lead Generation

Includes Advertising on Google (Search, Display and YouTube) and Bing
One-time Setup Fee
Monthly Ad SpendMgmnt Fee3 Month6 Month12 MonthReporting
Up to $10,000$1,000 / mo$749$549$449Monthly Meeting
$10,001 - $20,000$1,500 / mo$849$649$549Bi-Monthly Meeting
$20,001 - $40,000$2,500 / mo$949$749$649Weekly Meeting
$40,001+Needs to be priced

PPC Management - Localized Campaigns

Includes Google Search & Google LSA
One-time Setup Fee
Monthly Ad SpendMgmnt Fee3 Month6 Month12 MonthReporting
$600 - $2000$400 / mo---Monthly Meeting
$2,001 - $5,000$600 / mo$699$499$399Monthly Meeting
$5,001 - $10,000$800 / mo$799$599$499Bi-Monthly Meeting
$10,001 - $20,000$1,200 / mo$799$599$499Bi-Monthly Meeting
$20,001 - $40,000$2,000 / mo$899$699$599Weekly Meeting
$40,001+Need to be priced