The Opportunity

Our client is a leading fashion supply chain software provider serving the apparel and soft goods industry. This SaaS company’s next-generation, cloud-based enterprise technology seamlessly helps its customers accelerate and improve performance across the entire global supply chain.

The company had put a concerted effort into search engine optimization (SEO), but its rankings plateaued beneath expectations. The marketing team hired 120/80 to give its SEO strategy a boost.

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Our SEO Approach

While the client had a healthy number of ranked keywords, the vast majority of them were branded, which meant only people who already knew the company existed could easily find it via online searches. Our goal was to get high rankings for relevant keywords—the words prospects were actually using in searches.

To determine the optimum list of keywords, we conducted extensive research into our client’s industry keywords, competitors’ practices, and customers’ “pain points.”

The Outcome

120/80 took this client to the next level in terms of SEO results to increase both the quantity and quality of its website traffic. In an 11-month period, we delivered:

  • 31 keywords ranked in the top three positions (up from nine words)—a 344% increase in Google rankings
  • 56 keywords ranked in the top 10 positions (first page)
  • 144 keywords ranked in the top 50 positions (first five pages)

In total, we moved up all keywords for the client by 6,600 places on Google and 3,457 places on Bing.