The Opportunity

Swartz & Reeder is a full-service CPA firm that provides companies with income tax preparation services, bookkeeping, entity setup services, tax planning, and more. With vast expertise in financial advising, they provide free consultation calls for people looking to buy businesses as part of their investigation process.

Most of Swartz & Reeder’s leads had been coming through an Orlando-based group, and they wanted to expand their book of business across the country.

With limited bandwidth to tackle this on their own, the client needed an efficient method of reaching customers that didn’t distract from their day-to-day operations. They came to 120/80 to take their digital marketing to the next level.

Our Approach

120/80 began by learning about Swartz & Reeder’s “best fit” customers. Their engagement audience is a niche, targeting franchise consultants and business brokers across the country. Using this information as a template, we were able to build out their personal network with their target demographic in mind, creating custom incremental messaging send out over a period of time to generate interest.

Companies often fail to recognize the value that a service like LinkedIn can offer to clients – Swartz & Reeder had begun to fall behind in responding to messages, stalling their client acquisition. Thankfully, LinkedIn automation happens to be one of our specialties. By building out a campaign around their target audience, we created lists to send out personalized messaging

We designed three targeted campaigns around franchise consultants, franchise brokers, and business brokers. After building out three lists of target individuals, we sent each an email campaign designed around their pain points and build connections.

The Outcome

The infographic above has been taken from LinkedIn to illustrate the results for all three of Swartz & Reeder’s campaigns. Categories are broken down by invites, connections, and replies. Over the course of three months, over 825 new connections were made, with 504 profile views and 288 responses – with no sign of slowing down.

The critical statistic we are looking for here is replies. Connections can lead to closes in the long term, but replies come from the people who are interested in what Swartz & Reeder has to offer. This campaign has led to dozens of calls, and hundreds of conversations.

“Part of being a business entrepreneur is about building a team. You can’t do everything by yourself – you need to delegate, you need to trust other people. I have a history of doing everything by myself, but working harder isn’t enough, you have to work smarter. As soon as I got on the phone with Sonny, I vibed with him immediately, and started seeing results right away. Working with 120/80 has been a great experience!”

– Michael Reeder