HubSpot is one of the most popular platforms for marketing, sales, customer service, and even CRM software available today, but it isn’t without its caveats. Understanding these issues – and especially the biggest problem of them all – will help you get more out of HubSpot, and it may even help you choose a better platform for your needs.

Understanding the Major Issues with HubSpot

When trying to understand the problems that people face when using HubSpot for their marketing, taking a look at the most frequently reported issues is a great place to start. With HubSpot, this comes down to the following:

  • Difficulty with reports. Many users have said that in order to use HubSpot’s reporting tools, you’ll need to have far more than just a basic understanding of data structure if you want to see valuable trends. Due to the complexity, data analytics can be difficult for those who don’t have an above-average level of knowledge.
  • Cookie-cutter design. Though most of HubSpot offers simple usability (minus reporting as described above), there’s a big trade-off in that the platform offers little in terms of customization, which means there’s an incredibly good chance it isn’t going to do the things other systems can.
  • It’s comparatively new and it shows. Whereas some of the sales and marketing solutions out there have been around for decades, which gave them time to evolve and suit the complexities of even the most intricate processes, HubSpot is a newcomer. It simply isn’t the best choice if you need to incorporate dozens of tiny details.
  • Bad revenue projections. Many companies get on board with HubSpot thinking they can finally ditch their revenue spreadsheets, but later find that they need to keep those spreadsheets in addition to HubSpot, instead. That means it isn’t an all-in-one solution, which means it just isn’t a good fit for many.
  • Difficult integration. It’s true that there’s not a sales, marketing, and CRM software system in existence that you can integrate overnight, but many HubSpot users note that despite being marketed as a fast, simple solution, it requires an exceptional amount of planning to make integration relatively smooth.

The Biggest Issue with HubSpot Marketing

Though the above issues are certainly disheartening, and they can be disappointing for companies who truly expected HubSpot to be the simple, user-friendly all-in-one solution that it’s advertised as, the biggest problem of them all still exists: the price. It’s sold at a competitive price point for what it offers, but many users say it just isn’t worth the price after all the caveats have been considered. There are two ways to fix the issue with HubSpot pricing. First, companies can simply opt to use a different platform with a price point that better fits their budgets. The other option is to take a look at all the tools and options HubSpot provides – not just the marketing tools – to determine the platform’s value.

Though HubSpot does have a few problems, it isn’t exactly plagued by software-breaking issues that make it impossible for you to run your business, either. As long as you understand the limitations going in, you will be able to navigate the platform just fine – and you may even disagree that the price is the biggest problem.