Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a picturesque blanket of snow covering the ground. Ah, the magic of the holidays! If only we could schedule those enchanting snowstorms for days when most people don’t have to brave the commute.

Now, we might not have a weather machine to wrap and place under your Christmas tree. But fear, not because we do have something equally magical to offer: a way to generate qualified leads.

With 120/80, you won’t have to rely on unpredictable snowfall to make your dreams come true. Instead, you can control and schedule your advertising efforts to attract the right leads precisely when you need them. It’s like Santa’s gift bag filled with warm, qualified leads, ready to boost your sales and spread cheer this festive season.

Why Qualified Leads?

Leads are leads are leads, right? Wrong, says Mrs. Claus, who has a marketing degree from North Pole University.

Qualified leads are leads that are more likely to be ready to buy. They are known as ideal customers: they have a need for your product and the means to purchase it. They stand in contrast to unqualified leads who may or may not fit this profile.

Obviously, if you could choose, you’d only ever bring in qualified leads, right? Well, PPC is one way to do that more reliably.

How to Bring in Qualified Leads with PPC

You’ve been in business long enough to know who your ideal customer is. In the first place, they are someone who will obviously benefit from your product. Second, they are authorized and willing to purchase it. Get your product in front of them, and your sales reps can start turning maybes into yeses.

Here’s how to do it persistently using PPC.

Target the Right Keywords

Platforms like Google, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others allow advertisers to choose specific keywords for which their ads will be displayed.

This means you can ensure your ads are only shown to users actively searching for information relevant to your product, massively boosting the effectiveness of your ad spend and increasing the quality of your leads.

Analyze Your Competitors

Knowing what options are available to your customers is a great way to optimize your PPC ad spend. Analyzing your competitors is the best way to find this out.

Determine what keywords your competition is targeting and what PPC strategies they’re using, which will reveal weak spots that you can take advantage of. Conversely, it can also reveal weaknesses in your own ad campaigns that you can shore up with better content and more precisely targeted ads.

Target the Right Location

There’s no need to spend money advertising your ski and snowboard gear to residents of Florida.

Like targeted keywords, PPC also enables advertisers to pick and choose which locations their ads are shown to, boosting relevance, lead quality, and ROI in one fell swoop.

Retarget to Keep Prospects Warm

Retargeting is the practice of placing ads in front of prospective customers who have already shown interest in your product. For example, a customer who visited your website or social media profile but did not convert.

Retargeting helps keep your brand in front of these leads, ultimately increasing the chance they reconsider, take action, and become a qualified lead.

Optimize Your Ad Spend through Coordination

Getting the most out of your content marketing takes time, effort, and consistency. Organically building a social media following is the same. Either method can produce huge amounts of quality leads, but only after months or even years of creating valuable and reliable content for your customers.

Combining this consistent effort with PPC advertising can be a shortcut to a dependable quality-led pipeline.

By placing your content in front of customers who are actively searching for the information you’re providing, you can start to demonstrate value and build a following more quickly, boosting ROI and ensuring your hard work producing great content sees returns right away.

Make Your List (of Keywords) and Check It Twice!

Snow and Christmas morning, Santa and an ice-cold Coca-Cola, PPC and qualified leads… these are a few of my favorite things. 

As the holiday spirit rises, 120/80 is here to help you get the most out of your ad campaigns just in time for Christmas with our proven PPC strategies.

We take a data-driven approach to keywords, PPC, and lead generation. We value this analytical approach because we know it works to deliver the consistent results our clients are looking for.

If you’re ready to finish the year out strong and get a jump start on your 2024 revenue goals, contact 120/80 today to learn more about how our PPC services can help.