Nextdoor is a popular social networking app that allows neighborhoods and communities to share information, start discussions, learn the latest neighborhood news, find local businesses and even make recommendations.

This private network lets neighbors and community members stay in touch, whether it is looking for lost pets, receiving safety alerts or anything else that affects the area and its residents.

And while this is a handy app for anyone, it can be really valuable for businesses, if they know how to leverage the platform. Here, we give some helpful ways in which local businesses can make full use of Nextdoor advertising to get more traffic.

A business with a physical location will want to target local customers first, and Nextdoor is a good way to do this. While lots of digital marketing strategies focus on national or international audiences, being able to target customers locally is just as important, especially for seasonal businesses that need the support of local communities during the offseason.

Why Should Businesses Advertise on Nextdoor?

Like any advertising platform, there are some unique features and benefits to using a social site like Nextdoor to advertise businesses to the local market.

1. Its Large Database

Nextdoor is one of the fastest growing social platforms around, and this means a massive database of users. In fact, the number of active users on the platform is close to 100 million.

2. Get Local Exposure

What makes Nextdoor unique is that it limits users to the neighborhood they are in. The app boasts quite a thorough verification process that requires the phone number, credit card number, and social security numbers of the user or even an invitation from a registered neighbor. This means that businesses using Nextdoor advertising will be seen by actual people in the neighborhood and community and target plenty of potential customers.

3. Smaller Target Area Means Less Competition

Because businesses are narrowing down their target audience to just one area or location, competition won’t be as stiff. By using Nextdoor, businesses won’t have to compete for local customers with similar companies if they are not present in the neighborhood. This results in more business.

4. Reviews

Another great benefit of Nextdoor advertising is that it allows users to write reviews and make recommendations. These days, the majority of customers will search for reviews before making a purchase or using a service. The Nextdoor review system lets users advocate local businesses, which helps attract new customers in the area.

Getting Started with Nextdoor Ads

Getting set up with is the first step to advertising on Nextdoor and enjoying a boost in traffic and customers. There are a few steps to this process:

  • Find the business name by searching for the Local Page on the Nextdoor site. Provide the business information as requested.
  • Claim the company as a business and not an individual. Select business and see if it already exists on the system by typing in the name of the business, the city, state and zip code. If it is not on the system, marketers will have to set up a business page, which is not hard to do.
  • Choose a name, email address and password.
  • Nextdoor will need to verify the business. They will use the number provided to send a verification code, which needs to be added. Once this is done, the account will be ready.

Setting Up a Business Page

Businesses will only have to set up this page once and it is similar to creating a profile for any social site – think Facebook or Twitter. It’s straightforward, hassle-free and takes a few minutes.

There is also a section for a greeting message and a business logo, which needs to be filled out – do not skip this step as it gives more information about the company. Here, the copy must be genuine, warm and personable – no selling in this space, please.

The contact information section is another important section. Leaving one piece of information out can possibly prevent a potential customer from making contact.

Finally, businesses must be categorized on Nextdoor for easy navigation – the more accurate the category, the more likely the business will be found by locals. Once the business page is set up, the next step is learning how to manage it.  There is a well-designed dashboard that makes learning how to use the business page quick and easy.

Nextdoor advertising can help businesses gain exposure and get more feet through the door. Contact 120over80, where our PPC management services specialists in Chicago and Evanston can help implement Nextdoor into any marketing strategy.