When your business gets to a certain level of success, it’s helpful to have someone to answer the phones- live legal receptionist services can help. Beyond providing a first barrier of defense to all correspondence, a receptionist or reception service can also screen for quality and sniff out spam. But in this age of telecommuting, the idea of everyone working in the same office building can seem almost quaint. Without the physical proximity of an office, with shared phone lines, reception work has become more complicated.  

A new alternative is a Call Answering Service.  

Pros and Cons of a Call Answering Service  

With a Call Answering Service, you can tailor your responses to anyone who calls and ensure that no call gets missed. With detailed messages for everyone, callers won’t slip through the cracks. Another bonus is that a call service would allow any caller to be answered immediately through one of multiple phones ringing at the service’s center. No more wait times and no being on hold—callers would be put through to where they need to go immediately and with efficiency.  

However, when working with an answering service, there are drawbacks. Not having a consistent voice on the phone can be alienating and make the potential client feel that their voice isn’t important. Additionally, if someone calls multiple times and reaches a different voice each time, they might be back to square one and feel as though their first call was discounted. And answering services can’t be intuitive. Unlike an in-office receptionist who knows the flow of your business, you can’t count on a service to anticipate your needs or cover for unexpected changes.  

Using a Call Answering Service for Lawyers 

Though it may seem like there’s no path without some of these aforementioned problems, Amata’s Reception Services is blazing a new trail of opportunity. Unlike with other answering services, there will be consistency. The voice on the phone will be the same person each time, and if they are busy with a call, one of six other receptionists are waiting to answer. 

Beyond a reliable voice, Amata provides a depth of service that goes beyond other answering services. Since you’re getting one person specifically to answer your phones, they’ll be able to educate themselves about your business and eventually learn your clientele. This will result in the best of both worlds. You’ll have a live legal receptionist who isn’t tied to your physical office but has the knowledge and expertise of sometime who knows a great deal about your business.  

Can A Live Legal Receptionist Reduce Unqualified Leads? 

Part of the job of any receptionist is sniffing out bad actors on the phone. It’s not uncommon for salespeople or others to lie on the phone with the first person to pick up in order to be transferred to someone higher up on the company food chain. Sometimes there are good opportunities to be found from unexpected or unvetted calls like these. Often, though, unsolicited calls like these can be a nuisance and waste valuable time. A receptionist familiar with your practice will easily learn who to give access to a member of your team and who to leave out in the cold. 

Beyond salespeople, people will often phone into law practices looking to hire your services when they aren’t the right fit. Maybe they are actually looking for another type of lawyer, or maybe they simply aren’t in your price range. Either way, a live legal receptionist can reduce unqualified leads like this. With their strong knowledge of your business, they’ll be able to pivot these potential but unsuitable clients in other directions, saving you time-wasting phone calls.  

Live Legal Reception for Lawyers – An Effective Alternative 

A good receptionist is an invaluable tool in a physical office. But in this age of remote work and telecommuting, managing this type of work becomes much more complex. Call answering services can help in terms of managing call volume and sending callers where they want to go, but they can also feel impersonal and confusing. The live legal receptionists Amata offer help solve this problem, as they will give your law practice the consistent tone and business expertise without the necessity of in-office proximity.  

These live legal receptionists will handle the regular spam calls and cold-callers easily, but also are invaluable in reducing unqualified leads. Since they will work specifically for your business, and not just be reading from a script, they’ll know who to let through, and who to direct elsewhere. Your time is valuable, and having a receptionist who knows your routines and clientele will save you a great deal of time. 

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