In law practice marketing, general wisdom shows that advertising in a diverse number of ways in multiple forums is the best way to spread awareness of your business. For the most part this is true. You’ll reach different types of people with targeted social media ads than with signs on the side of a bus, so why not have both? But for those marketing campaigns to be effective and generate new business, there is one pivotal aspect that is key to those campaigns’ success. Content.

No matter how much targeted SEO you add to your blog or how many emails you send, your brand will not make a mark without a consistent message in the contents of those marketing pushes. Thinking deeply about what sets you apart as a law practice and embedding those values in your marketing is a pivotal step in improving and moving forward as a business.

Is Content Marketing Worth It?

While any of the words written in a marketing campaign are considered “content,” Content Marketing refers to an approach that highlights making and sending out content to build and maintain an audience. This could mean starting a blog and writing posts to share your legal expertise with readers, or making short videos explaining commonly-asked questions. It’s a way to broadcast your strong business acumen to potential clients and give your brand a stronger, more diversified profile online.

Though Content Marketing requires a more dedicated push to creating longer materials, the extra investment placed in carefully-crafted blog posts or other media will pay dividends down the line. Content like this is a great way to boost SEO, as search engines consistently reward business that publish high-tier content. By flexing writing or production skills to put out clear, easily-absorbable content, you’re building a strong reputation for your practice. And an added bonus? Research has shown that Content Marketing costs much less than other marketing practices.

The more content you put out, the more in control you are of your image. While sharing insider wisdom via blog posts or social media might feel like handing out services for free, customers will feel more inclined to trust you. Once they can see the quality of what you’re giving away for free, people will become interested in all the other benefits they could receive as a client.

Adding more and more content to your website will make your business presence feel more established and secure. As your library of content grows, the breadth of all your writing will position you as an expert in your field. Using keywords in blog post after blog post is an incredible asset to your SEO and will boost your presence on search engines. This in turn will increase the number of eyes on your website. Good, consistent content is at the center of every successful business.

When it comes to what to write about, don’t be afraid to go niche. Specificity is more interesting and informative than generalizations. If your law practice excels in a certain area, or you have a lawyer with a strong background in a certain type of law, utilize those strengths. Writing honestly and coherently about distinct topics will keep readers coming back.

Why Content is Critical for Law Practice Marketing

Law practice marketing is a diverse and ever-changing field. One thing you can count on, though, is that prioritizing the content of your marketing campaigns will never lead you astray. While Content Marketing might seem like a big commitment, it tends to be much cheaper than other types of marketing pushes and can lead to steady, sustainable growth.

Creating dependable content, whether in the form of blog posts or social media bursts, will grow your content library and establish you as an expert in your field. The more you add to your library, the more likely you are to gain new readers and help your SEO. Just as you would build a client portfolio, build a portfolio of information that cements you as an authority in your field.

Ultimately, the success of a marketing campaign depends on its contents. So think carefully about every piece of content you create, and how it reflects on the brand you’re trying to cultivate for your law practice. If writing doesn’t come naturally to you, bringing in a writer to distill and translate your message can be a great investment. In marketing for law practices, showcases the strengths of an individual legal business is the goal, so showcase your strengths in your content! Cultivate trust and reliability in your content, and new clients will follow.

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