7 Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization that will Change Your Business

Conversion rate optimization, or CRO, is one of the most important parts of a marketing campaign. In fact, it’s right up there with search engine optimization, or SEO, and both make your business more profitable in the long run. Below, you can find seven of the most important business-changing benefits associated with conversion rate optimization.

#1 – You Learn More about Your Customers

Conversion rate optimization is all about ensuring that you’re appealing to every individual visitor to your site as much as you possibly can. In order to appeal to them, you have to know what they like, what they need, and their reasons for shopping for whatever it is you’re selling. When you implement conversion rate optimization, you have the opportunity to ask your customers these burning questions.

#2 – CRO Improves the Amount of Revenue Generated by Your Website

When you optimize your conversion rate, more of the people who visit your website will actually end up buying from you. Simply put, your website will help you make more money if you advertise your products according to the things you know about your customers.

#3 – CRO and SEO Work Together

The thing about CRO and SEO is that when you improve one, it naturally improves the other. If more people come to your website because of solid SEO, more people will inevitably buy from you. On the other hand, as more people come to your website and stay, your bounce rate will drop, and this will boost your SEO.

#4 – It Reduces Churn

Proper CRO doesn’t just focus on new website visitors; it focuses on everyone, and that includes past visitors. When you optimize your conversion rates, this might include offering loyalty programs or bundling products so that your visitors spend more money for a better deal. The more value you can offer existing customers, the more they’ll keep coming back. Google likes it when people keep coming back, too.

#5 – You Can Feel Confident in Your Decisions

If you’re one of those people who frets after every single decision you make, you’re certainly not alone. It’s common in the digital world because trends can change everything overnight. However, CRO gives you an advantage: it ensures that the decisions you make are based on time-tested, proven data. You can feel good knowing that you’re making good decisions, and for a lot of business owners, that’s everything.

#6 – Your Paid Ads Will Make You More Money

It’s always a good idea for companies to spend at least some of their marketing budget on paid advertisements, but many businesses wonder if their investments are actually paying off. If you have access to the data from your campaigns, though, you’ll know what paid ads to run, where to run them, and who should be targeted, which makes them far more effective.

#7 – It Boosts Your Brand’s Reputation

Finally, if you still need another reason to get to work on CRO, the fact that it can drastically improve your company’s brand reputation should be all it takes. The more you learn, the more honed-in your ad campaigns become, which means they’ll be similar across all channels and areas. This creates consistency and trust – something that no business can survive without.

Conversion rate optimization is a fantastic revenue-booster, but it gives you access to something even more valuable – information. With that information you can hone, tweak, and perfect your marketing strategies both now and in the future to make every marketing campaign dollar really work for you.

PPC Management – B2B Lead Generation

Includes Advertising on Google (Search, Display and YouTube) and Bing
One-time Setup Fee
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Up to $10,000$1,000 / mo$749$549$449Monthly Meeting
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PPC Management - Localized Campaigns

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