6 Ways Link Building Will Deliver More Site Traffic

Link building may seem simple enough, but it’s actually one of the trickier aspects of SEO. If you’ve been avoiding link building in favor of simpler approaches to SEO, now is the time to start acquiring those links so that you can generate more organic traffic. Below are six of the most important ways in which link building delivers more traffic to your site. 

#1 – It Puts Your Content in Front of More People

When there are links to your content on other websites – especially if those websites are popular among your target audience – it is safe to assume that some of those people will click the link and visit your site. Simply put, link building puts your site in front of more people. 

#2 – It Boosts Your Site’s Authority

When Google’s (and other search engines’) crawlers see links to your website across the web, it pleases the mysterious Google algorithms. After all, Google is a business, too, and they want to provide their users with the best possible search results. If numerous websites link back to your own, then it must contain excellent content. The more authoritative your site becomes, the higher it will climb in the rankings. 

#3 – It Makes it Easier to Rank for Multiple Keywords

Once Google recognizes your site as an authority thanks to the numerous links provided by other companies and websites, it then becomes much, much easier to rank for multiple keywords. It’s likely that multiple websites – your competitors’ websites – also utilize the same keywords you do. Unfortunately, you can’t all be on the first page of search results. Because of this, as your site becomes more authoritative thanks to your link building efforts, it becomes easier to rank for multiple keywords, too. 

#4 – Referred Leads are Better than Cold Leads

Link building can also help you generate referral traffic, which is important for your overall success. A user who was referred to your site through a link provided by a source he or she trusts is far more likely to purchase your product or service than someone who simply stumbled across your site while searching the web. In other words, the traffic sent to your site through link building can be considered more “qualified”. 

#5 – Link Building Can Make Your Brand Memorable

Having a memorable brand is important in today’s digital marketing climate. While an outstanding logo and catchy slogan can go a long way, it’s also helpful when your potential clients see links back to your website in multiple places across the web. If those links are hosted on sites your potential clients trust, that’s even better. 

#6 – It Gives You the Opportunity to Solve a Problem

Finally, when converting your leads into buyers, the most important thing you can do is solve that lead’s problem with a value-added product or service. Link building gives you the opportunity to do just that, especially when the links take the reader to a blog post or product/service page that is directly related to the content the reader was already viewing. For example, if the lead was reading an article about common inventory issues and your company sells software designed to make inventory simpler, then the lead already expects your product to solve his or her problem. In other words, that lead is already primed to buy. 

SEO link building is one of the most effective ways to not only generate traffic, but to generate better, higher-quality traffic that is already primed to truly consider the product you sell. There are numerous link-building strategies that you can use to improve your traffic starting today. 

PPC Management – B2B Lead Generation

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